The Facts

The Facts

Business is not a static thing. It is a dynamic, living breathing organism. There is absolutely no reason you can not improve your business and increase your profits.

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The Process

“Prescription before Diagnoses is Malpractice” We have no idea if we can help you, so we need to scratch the surface first, then dig a little deeper, ask questions and then, Prescribe solutions.

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Case Studies

The Case Studies

I will let our clients speak for themselves. These are actual case studies and success stories of how effective this system is. Come and find out more.

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Attention Business Owner!

Now You Can Quickly and Easily Solve Your Two Biggest Business Headaches Permanently… For Little Or No Money And Make Yourself A Fortune In The Process!

Dear Business Owner

If you’re like most other business owners, you’re leaving buckets of money on the table day after day—money that could very quickly and very easily be scooped up and put in your own bank account.

Money that could be used to grow or expand your business so you could provide more and better services to your customers. Money that you could spend for personal use, such as travel, investing or perhaps renovating or even buying or building a new home.

Or perhaps money to build your business to a point that would enable you to sell it at a substantial profit whenever you’re ready, and enable you to do the things you want to do, rather than the day to day things you have to do.

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is…

“Who’s Running My Business?”

Ask business owners just like you what their two biggest problems are, and they’ll most likely tell you…

“I’m not taking enough money out of the business”, and

“I’m putting in too much time—working harder and longer, and have much more responsibility than if I were working for someone else”.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Not at all. There are very effective low- cost, even no-cost things you can do to…

  • Increase the number of customers you have
  • Get more money from every transaction they make with you
  • Have them buy more often
  • Get your staff working more enthusiastically, more efficiently and more profitably
  • Run a large part of your business on a ‘By Referral’ basis
  • Take more money out of your business for your personal use
  • Have more personal free time away from your business

If these things sound interesting to you, and you would like to know more, pick up our FREE Special Report titled…

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So why wait any longer to begin enjoying the very reasons you went into business in the first place, which coincidentally are the two biggest headaches most business owners face…

Not taking enough money out of your business, and

Putting in too much time—working harder and longer and having more responsibility than you would if you were working for someone else.

Now’s the time for you to begin taking control.

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To Your Business Success!

Glen Rothquel


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7th Dan Blackbelt Martial Expert Paul Mracek interviewed by Glen Rothquel

Glen Rothquel talks to 7th Dan Blackbelt Martial Expert Paul Mracek Business Consultant Paul Mracek has been absorbed in martial arts for over 20 years after introducing his sons to the craft to help with their education. He draws striking parallels between western performance models of success and eastern philosophy to give insights and solutions to challenges faced by people and business. For hundreds of years Martial Arts has been teaching an ancient tradition that creates balance and empowers each individual to achieve success in their business or personal lives and it this message Mracek advocates to the world.

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Wealth Expert Ron Malhotra as interviewed by Glen Rothquel

Ron-Malhotra-250-X-250Ron Malhotra became obsessed with learning about wealth creation after seeing his own parents struggle in their later years despite having relatively successful working careers. He went on to spend years devouring over 400 books on the subject of money and wealth, and going through formal education to learn about financial planning and wealth management.


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Finding Your Own Uniqueness in Business

Finding Your Own Uniqueness in Business -

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Putting up a business today won’t be as hard as it was 10 years ago. From hiring up to marketing and advertising, everything can be done remotely. If you are wishing to save more without sacrificing the quality of work you need to do, you can definitely offer project-based job vacancies. Businesses, nowadays, has a lot to offer to both employer and employees.

Given the fact that putting up a business today is as easy as 1-2-3, the real problem is how to compete and be able to win your target audiences’ hearts. Aside from being noticed by people, it will also be a problem how to sustain the attention your business is getting.

In the sea of businesses, you should think of creative ways to get a lot of attention and eventually make your audience hooked to the products or services you are offering. You have to be unique and innovative in order to do that. But the question that needs to be answered is – HOW?

Here are some steps to help find your uniqueness.

  1. Know what you want. Being clear with what you want to do, what you want to achieve and who you want to cater will lead you to your uniqueness. Selecting the products or services you want to put up as a business, how long will it operate and who will be your target market will give you a great sketch on how you want your business to be. You should draw a picture of what do you want to do and where do you want to stand 5 years from today and you will see the difference.
  2. Value your customers. Let’s say your business is now open and is running very smoothly. But one customer complained of your services. What will you do? Well, the best thing to do is to listen to what your customer have to say, weigh the circumstances and make a decision that will definitely take the side of your customer without compromising your business. If you receive a complaint, it is right to acknowledge it by thanking your client for bringing this one up and if this gave your customer inconvenience, you can compensate the customer. Sometimes, customers are complaining just to test if you are really taking the time to listen to them.
  3. Think of gimmicks. You noticed that after setting up your business, another establishment is being put up a few blocks away from you. And what’s worse is that that store is offering the same products and services as you do. What should you do now? Well, we all know that businesses that are just newly opened offer perks and gimmicks that will draw attention. And after quite some time, they will slowly remove it to go back to regular programming. Why not make some gimmicks to your business that will stay for good? In this manner, you are not only drawing attention from your target market but you are also building good impressions and long- lasting relationships between you, the merchant, and your customers.

You see, each of us is unique in our own way. We just have to find that uniqueness and make use of it as powerful tool in making your business succeed.

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Glen Rothquel’s one-on-one interview with Finance Expert Robin Gersbeck

Robin-Gersbeck.3-jpg-245x300Robin Gersbeck, founder of Australia’s Number 1 Car Broker spent much of his working life in the back end of car sales dealerships where customers are up-sold to insurance, finance and a whole range of add on products to increase margins. You will likely have been through the process where you get offered fabric protection, rust protection, alarms, window tinting and any number of products you feel the car should have had in the first place! It seems the industry has changed little over the decades and these practices still prevail.


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Make Your Customers Do Business With You Regularly

Make Your Customers Do Business With You Regularly - nowadays have gone wiser due to the vast resource of information on the internet to select which product would benefit them. They no longer rely on product information a company provides; instead, consumers seek out opinions from blogs to social media. For this reason, you have to be smart and provide your customers enough reason to do business with you.

Here are some important reasons why your customers will patronise your product or services.

  1. Benefits. Highlight the free good stuff your customers can get if they buy from you.
  2. Solution. Be the product or service that will provide the solution to your customers’ problems.
  3. Service. Treat your customers well. Provide the best customer service and your customers will spread good news about your company and your product or services.
  4. Comfort. Provide a welcoming environment that will make your customers feel relaxed in dealing business with you.
  5. Value. Be sure that you are giving your customers their money’s worth. Avoid push selling for products they don’t really need.
  6. Timing. Spark some sense of urgency for your customer to buy from your business.
  7. Payment Options. Remember, your utmost concern is to provide convenience in your payment options so that it will be easy for your customers to buy from you. Provide as much options there is for your customers to pay you. Provide a wide range of product or service bundles and prices too.

Be sure that you discuss the reasons listed above in your marketing campaigns and that they reach your customers, prospects or leads in a manner that will make them realise the importance of your product or services in their daily lives and why they should do business with you regularly.

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Glen Rothquel talks to Big 4 Management Consultant Phil Khor

Phil KhorBig 4 Management Consultant Phil Khor Leaves The Corporate World To Establish Australia’s Leading Online Business Community Marketplace. Phil Khor, the founder of SavvySME made a brave decision to leave the corporate world and set up an online community to assist and support local business, by helping them to connect with other like- minded people who choose to come together to share and support each other.

Phil Khor says “Most small business owners tend to do everything themselves and it can often be a lonely struggle. When you have local challenges, you want local professionals with the kind of expertise you need. SavvySME provides a platform where business owners can find products, services and support to help their business. It’s also an incredibly powerful networking tool for business connections”.

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Effective Marketing System Can Thrust Your Business Forward

Effective Marketing System Can Thrust Your Business Forward - business owner would agree that building a successful business requires a steady flow of customers; they are part and parcel of each sales transaction. But generating customers require more than just placing an ad and waiting for them to knock at your door and ring the cashier. Because of the heavy competition out there generating customers has become one of the most challenging undertakings of a business, in that to become successful in every step of customer acquisition to customer satisfaction your business would need an effective marketing system.

Here are some examples of important marketing processes that must be systematised.

Leads Generation – This system plans for several strategic marketing activities that will put your brand out there in front of potential prospects or buyers.

Prospecting – This system requires your business to actually profile each potential buyer of your product or service. Do they need it? Can they afford it? Are you speaking to the decision-maker in purchasing the product?

Promotions – Customers need to be “pulled” in your business, and once there need to be “pushed” to buy. If your product has what it takes to compete in the market then you must get your name out there for prospective customers to know.

Customer Service – Keeping the customer happy at any stage of business transaction requires a system that they can rely on if you fall short of your “promise”. Who can they call? How will you address complains? What sort of warranty can you commit?

Customer Retention – One sale is not enough; what your business needs is ongoing loyal patronage from your customer. In addition, your happy customers are the best instrument for positive word of mouth so leverage on that. Likewise you should always have a system in place to make sure you keep your customers coming back.

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Glen Rothquel talks to Marketing Expert Angela Wright on Online Reputation Management Wright MBE, Founder of Optimising Business, has been successfully building profitable companies across the world for many years. She works with businesses that want to grow fast and sustainably and knows the easiest way to grow sales is through repeat and referral business. However there are new challenges many business owners are not aware of that can negatively impact their success.

Learn how to manage & protect your online reputation.

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Online Marketing Expert Kevan Baker on Email Marketing Myth as Interviewed by Glen Rothquel

Online Marketing Expert Kevan Baker - Baker, Founder of BrandMail has been helping businesses succeed online for almost 20 years and believes many companies are undervaluing email marketing, because they either don’t do it or are not doing it correctly. The key to email marketing success is to know your target audience and to deliver an exchange of value – not just to try and sell.

Listen on how to dispel the email marketing myth

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Customers: Your Greatest Business Asset

Customers: Your Greatest Business Asset -

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Customers are the lifeblood of any business. A business can only stay in business with the right number of customers and at a steady rate. Customers could either be an individual, often involving a certain title such as patrons, patients or policyholder; or it could be another business, hence the term “business to customer” (B2C) and “business to business” (B2B) respectively. Either way your business must have systems in place to make sure you keep generating the right number of customers, keep them happy and retain them.

Customers, just like your other business assets such as furniture and fixtures, have a lifetime value as well. Sadly very few business owners are able to understand this that is why they fail in continuously satisfying their customers. In fact with a satisfied customer, business income can easily be projected. If you have a regular customer who buys from you 3 or 4 times in a year, multiply that to at least 5 years, the answer would likely be that customer’s potential sales for your business. And with a satisfied customer, you can expect him or her to refer your business to 5 more persons, and the cycle continuous.

How should you protect this important “asset” of your business? Here are a few ways:

  1. Design a system that will profile your customers. The profiling should answer questions like “what is the primary reason he buys the product?” or “how often does he need the product?”.
  2. Capture their names, address and contact information as well as their business or work connections. This will determine if they have the right network to refer your business to or establish whether a “customer get customer” referral program might work.
  3. Create a strong customer service and customer feedback system. If they complain about a product find or service, find out why and look for ways to resolve the problem.
  4. Have a regular product promotion in place. Don’t always assume that they will not try your competitor’s product. Regular promotions will keep your customers excited and may even have a tendency to overbuy than usual.

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Glen Rothquel interviews IT Expert Vikas Sood on Malware Attacks

Vikas Sood of Server Sentry - Rothquel interviews IT Expert Vikas Sood of Server Sentry. Sood reveals how to fortify your IT Network from malware attacks that can cripple a business. He set out to help companies protect themselves from hackers intent on stealing valuable data, and helps businesses manage, protect and simplify their IT network so they have total security and IT peace of mind.

Listen and learn how to protect your business.

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How to Attract Customers with your Exceptional Value

How to Attract Customers with your Exceptional Value -

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Each customer is a source of sustainable revenue and profits. Think of one customer that buys from you, then multiply that to the average number of transaction in a given year by the average cost per transaction. If you continue to improve on your product or service then you can safely estimate the life time value of business this customer can bring to the table.
Unfortunately, not all businesses hold on to their customers. Many customers will come in and “test” your business and may even give you a few chances to impress before moving on to a competitor if you have not delivered to their expectations. Business is good when customers keep coming back; when they stop, you need to spend more resources to win new customers and the cycle continues.
What makes for a sustainable business? The answer is exceptional value. This may make you think that exceptional value only refers to products that customers use or consume; however, exceptional value also refers to service satisfaction that results from their experience with you.
What attracts customers to exceptional product or service value?

  • The product or service helps solve a nagging problem
  • The use of the product or service saves them time
  • Product or service innovation that adapts with the changing market or customer needs
  • Demonstration of value for money or practical investment
  • Socially relevant business operations or product manufacturing process
  • Products or services that are actual “needs” of customers and not just “wants”

Businesses must realise that their product or service is not the sole determinant of customer loyalty. Customers require quality service and want to feel appreciated for giving you their hard earned money!


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The Value of Upselling and Cross Selling in your Business

The value of upselling and cross selling in your business

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If you’re a business engaged in transactional sales, what would you rather have: more customers with average sales per transaction or few customers with higher sales per transaction? Wise business sense would tell you that the latter is more preferable or at best, ideal.  Good business management has it that organisations spend more in developing new customers than maintaining current ones for the exact same business engagement. Less use in marketing resources is a definite plus to the company’s bottom line.

Growing your business effortlessly

Once you’ve established customer contact point there also occur a great change of converting that prospect into a real customer. Marketing executives agree that getting one foot of the customer on the door is a laborious process; so that if one foot is finally in, you better make sure you do your best so that customer engagement in the sale of your products and services will have the customers themselves move another foot in. By increasing the transactional value of each customer purchase you instantly grow your sales with just a few customers.

Upsell or cross-sell your way to more sales

Upselling or cross-selling is not a new marketing concept, however not all businesses are employing this principle. If you would think about it almost all products or services come with related product or service to make customer usage experience more satisfactory. Businesses should not stop at getting customers just buy their best-sellers but instead promote higher customer satisfaction level by adding more related products or service in their purchase. Be wary that customers may see through the sales motive and may backfire in the process. The best way to do upsell or cross-sell is to provide informed choice to the customer with their benefit in mind. Doing so will likewise increase the value of your business to the customer, with their complete satisfaction as your driver for customer engagement.


Rated: 5 Stars By 10 Users

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No Customers, No Business

No Customers No Business

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Regardless whether your business has the best product or service if there are no customers buying it then you still have no business to run; plain and simple. The only way new businesses can get off the ground is when they start building on customer base. Apart from new customers buying your products, the same can become your word-of-mouth marketers so that more and more customers flock in. But as many businesses are closing down left and right, getting new customers is always easier said than done.

Creativity does it

If building a successful business is just all about following an exact formula then there wouldn’t be any business suffering from lack of sales. The problem with most business owners is not keeping in mind the “changing needs” of their target market; and with that change in needs also comes a direct change in purchase behaviour. This means that what may have worked in the past for similar businesses may no longer work for today’s new breed of market. Too often new businesses follow what seems to work with the competitor in the hope of getting a slice of its market. The attempt may cause an impact only during a “market trial phase” but will not sustain it if the offer remains the same with no added or distinct value.

Go out-of-the-box

This also means going beyond your industry’s usual ideas of getting new customers. Take yourself as an example and observe how different and unrelated products vie for your attention. What makes you buy or not buy them? Is it uniqueness, colourful packaging, or value for money? Were you influenced by a good content or by a testimony of a satisfied user?

Take note of the varying marketing methods used by unrelated businesses and see what you can creatively apply in your own business. Remember that new way of doing things mean “standing out” from the crowd. This may just be exactly what your business needs.

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Foundations for building a successful business

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Gone are the days when building a successful business requires hard work. These days successful businesses are anchored on smart work; big or small businesses are now on equal footing. While having a good entrepreneurial background or sufficient funding count, what makes a business successful is the growing number of customers buying on a consistent basis and not the eloquence of its operations. In that sense, it is very important to continually focus on gaining new customers and keeping existing ones.

The principle of business success is exact just like a scientific formula: the business must be built on a strong foundation, rock of “competitive advantage”; and this competitive advantage must be fuelled by being a sought-after solution to an existing problem in the market. Once this has been established then you move on to do the right things that will surely help your business grow.

Don’t stop looking for new customers

The profitability of a business is channelled through customer purchases; take them away in the equation and the business is bound to fail. Once you have your customers you must do everything to engage them in your business: upsell, cross sell, keep them interested to refer other customers with you and continue to create relevant products and services for their use.

Keep highly profitable customers

Most businesses fail in determining the lifetime profitability of their customers that is why they often don’t mind losing them in the process. By knowing the value of a customer’s repeat business over a lifetime will give you better appreciation of them.

Maintain a unique comparative market advantage

Whether that means offering the same kind of product or service at less price or unique market promotions, be bold enough to stand out from the noise created by your competitors. Let your business’ uniqueness speak for itself.

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More Profits from Efficiency in Business

More Profits from Efficiency in Business

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More profits can come from efficiency in running a business. It is one of the pillars in building and sustaining a profitable company.

Managing Expenses means More Profits

It is important to know how money is being spent in the organization. Money can go down the drain in the form of wastage, including the waste of time of employees. Advertising and marketing are areas where money can be more carefully spent. Advertising and promotional gimmicks should be tested first on a sample of the market before rolling these out to the whole target market.

Direct response ads where you can measure the response rate of the market are preferable to the traditional image or institutional ads.

In general, corporations must carefully review how their money will be spent and whether and how much more profits these will generate, before releasing the money.

Increasing Profit Margins

Profit margin can be defined as the difference between the cost of producing a product or rendering a service versus the price at which the customer buys it, and after deducting sales, processing, delivery and other costs.

The greater number of unnecessary steps from generating the product or service to delivering it to the customer, the greater waste there is, and consequently the lesser the profit margin.

The company thus should be on the lookout to reduce, cut or totally not allow an expense whenever possible and within reason.

Taking Control of Time

Everyone has the same amount of time, and this time allocation cannot be increased by whatever means. Given this, it is critical that you are able to focus on the tasks that will give you more profits and the desired output.

You can do this by delegation, which also allows the people below you to learn to manage greater and more critical responsibilities.

Increasing your company’s competitiveness through your employees

Try calling the trunk line of a company to see how your call will be handled. The recipient of your call can either handle your call professionally or be at a loss in doing his job.  It is not easy to let go of staff that are unable or will not do their jobs well.

Thus hiring the right people and training them are critical to ensure your employees perform at their best level. This puts the company in a position where it gets the best value for the salaries that it pays and more profits.

Keeping your staff updated on new developments, products, methods of doing things will make them more competent and confident. They will then be more effective in dealing with your customers and doing their job overall. This, in turn, generates more business from customers who are satisfied.

Building Teamwork

It takes people working together in the form of a team to run a business and get more profits. No department or unit can run independently without the support of the others.

As a leader, your role is to get your people to work on solving problems, and in general making your company more responsive to the needs of your customers. Try holding regular meetings which consists of not just handing out information, but getting everybody to give their inputs to improve the business. You can invite a representative from each department, not necessarily the head of that department to brainstorm.

During brainstorming, encourage everyone to put their ideas on the table without the fear of having these shot down without a careful evaluation. After every idea is out, then go through each with the group and see which one can best solve the problem or contribute the greatest to more profits and improving the business.

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Generate More Sales from Existing Customers

Generate More Sales From Existing Customers

Photo by sheelamohan | freedigitalphotos

Aside from increasing your customer base, you can generate more sales if you can get your existing customers to buy more from you. You can do this without necessarily spending more. You can see how this works in the following pointers.

Generate more sales with value

Using this technique, companies can increase profits by as much as 30% without necessarily increasing costs. Companies employ 3 methods for this: , and

1) Upsell

Up-selling is getting the customer to increase the size or value of whatever he is buying. A restaurant can entice a customer to buy bottomless iced tea at a higher price instead of the one glass order only, for example. Or a car dealer can get the customer to buy the higher priced variant of a vehicle model.

 2) Cross-sell

Cross-selling means offering a complimentary product(s) to go with the initial purchase. Going by the same example of the restaurant, the order taker can offer side dishes or desserts to go with the main meal. When the customer agrees, then the value of his order increases with little effort on the part of the restaurant personnel, but with exponentially beneficial results.

3) Bundling of products or services

Bundling or packaging products or services requires putting these together and offering it as a package, with a corresponding discount. This can entice a customer to buy not just the basic item that he came for, but enable him to try out your other products and services as well.  By doing so, he enjoys greater benefits and pays a lesser price than if he were to buy the products or services individually.

Each of these techniques generate more sales and add to the total value of the sale without incurring additional advertising, marketing or acquisition expense.

Offer a wider range of products and services

Providing a wider range of products and services instead of just one or two, enables your customers to increase their satisfaction with your company, and locks them in so they no longer have a need to go to other providers to have their requirements met. When clients avail of more than one product, you are able to generate more sales from that customer without the extra effort of finding a new one.

If for some reason, you cannot offer as wide a range to satisfy your customer needs, then you can tie up with another company offering complementary, not competing products.

Increase the Frequency of Repeat Business

To generate more sales from the same customers, have them keep coming back to avail of your products or service. You can motivate your customer to buy again by regularly updating your products or services, offering something new, or in general offering exceptional service. Businesses rarely make significant amounts of money on the first sale, but they have a greater opportunity to increase profits with the succeeding sales of each customer.

Keep track of your customers’ profiles and buying habits

Knowing your customers’ profile (such as age, status, with children or not for example) and what they have bought in the past, can tell you what products they are likely to buy again and generate more sales.

You can keep these customers informed of your latest promotions or incentives for products they have shown interest in, or products they are likely to buy for the first time from you, given their profile.  You can thus advise them should you have new products to offer, or entice them with a discount or a token to try out a bestseller item of your company.

Extend the lifetime of each customer

This works especially well if your company enters into a contract to supply products or services for a year or a specified period of time. Ensuring that the contract is renewed year after year generate more sales as you save on the customer acquisition cost starting on the 2nd year of doing business.

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Increase Your Customers for Your Business

Ways to Increase Your Customers for Your Business

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It is said that customers are the lifeblood of any business. This is so true, as no business will exist without the source of its revenue.  To increase your customers start with having prospects, converting them to happy and repeat customers. Being satisfied, these customers will endorse your business to people they know can avail of your product or service.

Increase your customers, build and maintain them following these simple ways

Get your prospects

Depending on the nature of business you are in, the source of prospects can be people you know, your neighbours, trade lists, customer directories, specific targeted lists. You can also generate lists by advertising, use of publicity, direct mail and telemarketing.

Convert your prospects into paying customers

To increase your customers, you will need to find out what specifically your customer needs and customize your product or service so that you can address their needs. As you get better in needs analysis and presentation, the number of your buying customers will increase given the same database of prospects.

Increase or preserve customer retention

Make sure your paying customers stay with you for the long-term. Generally, companies lose 19% of their customer base yearly.  For you to increase your retention ratio, customers must keep renewing the business with you year after year. For them to be compelled to do so, they must be convinced that your products or services continue to meet their needs. It costs less to keep a customer than find a new one (which costs 6-8 times more), so customer retention is key.

Ask for referrals to increase your customers

Your happy customers will be the ones to give you the most number and best quality referrals. Because they know exactly how your business works, and they would most likely know people or companies with the same needs as they have, they can refer you to people or companies most likely to buy. More importantly, these happy customers give you free and effective advertising as they relate how happy they are with your products and services.

Establish a referral system

To encourage your customers to give you names of possible and qualified prospects, you can announce and implement a reward system for every referral or batch of referrals made. Rewards can be your company’s products or services given for free, free tickets to a sports game, free hotel stays, restaurant gift certificates or whatever you think will engage your customers.

Get in touch with past customers

As time passes, you will have accumulated a list of customers who have stopped buying. Their reasons could be various– their needs have evolved, they tried out the services of a competitor and have not moved since, or there was some dissatisfaction in the past with your company that was not addressed.

Whatever these reasons are, you can also increase your customers by touching base with them to get them to try your services and products which by this time would have evolved and been upgraded. As such, you have a reason for them to give you another opportunity to service their needs.

As part of your campaign to increase your customers, find allied businesses, which do not compete with yours, who service customers with the profiles that you want. If you provide home insurance, for example, you can ally with a real estate company selling houses and condominiums so you can offer their customers insurance for their residence. You can work out an arrangement with them so they can be rewarded for their referrals or you can give them reciprocal business.

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The Secret to More Sales and More Profits for Businesses Finally Revealed!

Focus On Success

Photo by Danilo Rizzuti

I heard this once in a conference I attended, “If you ask a carpenter how to become a good carpenter, he’ll say “Study Carpentry”.

If you ask an architect how to become a good architect, she’ll say “Study Architecture”.

If you ask a real estate agent how to become like him, he’ll say “Study to become a licensed agent.”

But if you ask any of the above – how to increase sales— the correct answer is just one answer:  ”Study Marketing”.”

But then you might ask again; “Where can I start?” or “Do I need to study again? Or get a college course about marketing?”

There is a long way, and a short way.

The long way is to study marketing, read marketing books, attend different seminars, attend webinars, apply what you learn on your business and see what works and what doesn’t.

The short way is to get marketing help.

I understand that you want to have more profits, more prospects and more customers but something seems missing in your marketing plan that really frustrates you. The pain of spending using traditional marketing is already killing your business. You are willing to learn how to grow your business to increase sales, but don’t know where you can find the best marketing help. But where? Who? How?

There are people around the web who call themselves a “Marketing Guru” who promise to help you increase your sales, improve business and get more customers, but leave you disappointed.

I recommend you to check out Glen Rothquel, founder of Leads 2 Profits.

This great guy developed a step by step blueprint that you can follow if you are really serious to grow your business.

Why and how he did this?  Because he has vast experience as well as a proven system used by some of the top business owners around the world. The system has been applied to over 200 industries, so it WILL work for you, too!

Glen Rothquel and aims to increase your sales up to 100% in just 12 months! The positive feedback about him and his works is stunning. CEOs, business owners, consultants, and business coaches highly recommend him for his help on developing a systematic marketing plan that works!

Escape the frustration, and pain of not gaining what you ought to. Your passion, love and effort to grow your business deserve the profits, customers and sales that you desire.

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Why Some People Almost Always Earn More Sales (and why you still don’t!)

Photo by alexkalina | iStockphot

Photo by alexkalina | iStockphoto

You are a great coach, an awesome business owner, or a marvellous consultant. I can feel that your passion is over flowing to give the best service you can give. Yet I know that despite this genuine desire to help, finding people whom you want to help may be exasperating.

You have probably also spent thousands of dollars attending live events and seminars and online courses that produces little or no result for your business. It is frustrating not to get the desired prospect clients and you may end up giving up on the business.

I’ve heard the same story over and over, and of course, many spend sleepless nights figuring out what to do.

Some people waste their time re- inventing the wheel. Others dig the world-wide web for free marketing information.

The problem is the internet world also has scammers and information junkies that can pull you away from your business success dream.

Checking out the web, I found a great website that contains really great free information for those who wanting to bring their business to the next level.

Leads 2 Profits offers a Free Report: “Get More Leads, Make More Sales, Watch Your Business Take off!”  that you may love to check out.

They offer a one on one consultation that can surely help to increase your sales and income.

The information that they provide will systematically guide a business person like you to design and build an automated lead machine, and develop marketing systems that build trust and repeat customers.

They specialize in helping Advisors, Consultants, Business Owners and Service Professionals get More Leads, More Prospects, More Sales and More Revenue using Direct Response Marketing that Works. You can build your business value by increasing Topline Revenue through their help and mentoring.

Having the right mentor who has the helicopter view of every aspect of your business may be what’s missing!

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