7th Dan Blackbelt Martial Expert Paul Mracek interviewed by Glen Rothquel

Glen Rothquel talks to 7th Dan Blackbelt Martial Expert Paul Mracek Business Consultant Paul Mracek has been absorbed in martial arts for over 20 years after introducing his sons to the craft to help with their education. He draws striking parallels between western performance models of success and eastern philosophy to give insights and solutions to challenges faced by people and business. For hundreds of years Martial Arts has been teaching an ancient tradition that creates balance and empowers each individual to achieve success in their business or personal lives and it this message Mracek advocates to the world.

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Wealth Expert Ron Malhotra as interviewed by Glen Rothquel

Ron-Malhotra-250-X-250Ron Malhotra became obsessed with learning about wealth creation after seeing his own parents struggle in their later years despite having relatively successful working careers. He went on to spend years devouring over 400 books on the subject of money and wealth, and going through formal education to learn about financial planning and wealth management.


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Finding Your Own Uniqueness in Business

Finding Your Own Uniqueness in Business - Leads2Profits.net.au

Photo credit: freedigitalphotos.net

Putting up a business today won’t be as hard as it was 10 years ago. From hiring up to marketing and advertising, everything can be done remotely. If you are wishing to save more without sacrificing the quality of work you need to do, you can definitely offer project-based job vacancies. Businesses, nowadays, has a lot to offer to both employer and employees.

Given the fact that putting up a business today is as easy as 1-2-3, the real problem is how to compete and be able to win your target audiences’ hearts. Aside from being noticed by people, it will also be a problem how to sustain the attention your business is getting.

In the sea of businesses, you should think of creative ways to get a lot of attention and eventually make your audience hooked to the products or services you are offering. You have to be unique and innovative in order to do that. But the question that needs to be answered is – HOW?

Here are some steps to help find your uniqueness.

  1. Know what you want. Being clear with what you want to do, what you want to achieve and who you want to cater will lead you to your uniqueness. Selecting the products or services you want to put up as a business, how long will it operate and who will be your target market will give you a great sketch on how you want your business to be. You should draw a picture of what do you want to do and where do you want to stand 5 years from today and you will see the difference.
  2. Value your customers. Let’s say your business is now open and is running very smoothly. But one customer complained of your services. What will you do? Well, the best thing to do is to listen to what your customer have to say, weigh the circumstances and make a decision that will definitely take the side of your customer without compromising your business. If you receive a complaint, it is right to acknowledge it by thanking your client for bringing this one up and if this gave your customer inconvenience, you can compensate the customer. Sometimes, customers are complaining just to test if you are really taking the time to listen to them.
  3. Think of gimmicks. You noticed that after setting up your business, another establishment is being put up a few blocks away from you. And what’s worse is that that store is offering the same products and services as you do. What should you do now? Well, we all know that businesses that are just newly opened offer perks and gimmicks that will draw attention. And after quite some time, they will slowly remove it to go back to regular programming. Why not make some gimmicks to your business that will stay for good? In this manner, you are not only drawing attention from your target market but you are also building good impressions and long- lasting relationships between you, the merchant, and your customers.

You see, each of us is unique in our own way. We just have to find that uniqueness and make use of it as powerful tool in making your business succeed.

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Glen Rothquel’s one-on-one interview with Finance Expert Robin Gersbeck

Robin-Gersbeck.3-jpg-245x300Robin Gersbeck, founder of Australia’s Number 1 Car Broker spent much of his working life in the back end of car sales dealerships where customers are up-sold to insurance, finance and a whole range of add on products to increase margins. You will likely have been through the process where you get offered fabric protection, rust protection, alarms, window tinting and any number of products you feel the car should have had in the first place! It seems the industry has changed little over the decades and these practices still prevail.


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Make Your Customers Do Business With You Regularly

Make Your Customers Do Business With You Regularly - Leads2Profits.net.auCustomers nowadays have gone wiser due to the vast resource of information on the internet to select which product would benefit them. They no longer rely on product information a company provides; instead, consumers seek out opinions from blogs to social media. For this reason, you have to be smart and provide your customers enough reason to do business with you.

Here are some important reasons why your customers will patronise your product or services.

  1. Benefits. Highlight the free good stuff your customers can get if they buy from you.
  2. Solution. Be the product or service that will provide the solution to your customers’ problems.
  3. Service. Treat your customers well. Provide the best customer service and your customers will spread good news about your company and your product or services.
  4. Comfort. Provide a welcoming environment that will make your customers feel relaxed in dealing business with you.
  5. Value. Be sure that you are giving your customers their money’s worth. Avoid push selling for products they don’t really need.
  6. Timing. Spark some sense of urgency for your customer to buy from your business.
  7. Payment Options. Remember, your utmost concern is to provide convenience in your payment options so that it will be easy for your customers to buy from you. Provide as much options there is for your customers to pay you. Provide a wide range of product or service bundles and prices too.

Be sure that you discuss the reasons listed above in your marketing campaigns and that they reach your customers, prospects or leads in a manner that will make them realise the importance of your product or services in their daily lives and why they should do business with you regularly.

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Glen Rothquel talks to Big 4 Management Consultant Phil Khor

Phil KhorBig 4 Management Consultant Phil Khor Leaves The Corporate World To Establish Australia’s Leading Online Business Community Marketplace. Phil Khor, the founder of SavvySME made a brave decision to leave the corporate world and set up an online community to assist and support local business, by helping them to connect with other like- minded people who choose to come together to share and support each other.

Phil Khor says “Most small business owners tend to do everything themselves and it can often be a lonely struggle. When you have local challenges, you want local professionals with the kind of expertise you need. SavvySME provides a platform where business owners can find products, services and support to help their business. It’s also an incredibly powerful networking tool for business connections”.

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Effective Marketing System Can Thrust Your Business Forward

Effective Marketing System Can Thrust Your Business Forward - Leads2Profits.net.auAny business owner would agree that building a successful business requires a steady flow of customers; they are part and parcel of each sales transaction. But generating customers require more than just placing an ad and waiting for them to knock at your door and ring the cashier. Because of the heavy competition out there generating customers has become one of the most challenging undertakings of a business, in that to become successful in every step of customer acquisition to customer satisfaction your business would need an effective marketing system.

Here are some examples of important marketing processes that must be systematised.

Leads Generation – This system plans for several strategic marketing activities that will put your brand out there in front of potential prospects or buyers.

Prospecting – This system requires your business to actually profile each potential buyer of your product or service. Do they need it? Can they afford it? Are you speaking to the decision-maker in purchasing the product?

Promotions – Customers need to be “pulled” in your business, and once there need to be “pushed” to buy. If your product has what it takes to compete in the market then you must get your name out there for prospective customers to know.

Customer Service – Keeping the customer happy at any stage of business transaction requires a system that they can rely on if you fall short of your “promise”. Who can they call? How will you address complains? What sort of warranty can you commit?

Customer Retention – One sale is not enough; what your business needs is ongoing loyal patronage from your customer. In addition, your happy customers are the best instrument for positive word of mouth so leverage on that. Likewise you should always have a system in place to make sure you keep your customers coming back.

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Glen Rothquel talks to Marketing Expert Angela Wright on Online Reputation Management

Internet-Marketing-Specialist-Reputation-Marketing-Angela-Wright-Leads2Profits.net.auAngela Wright MBE, Founder of Optimising Business, has been successfully building profitable companies across the world for many years. She works with businesses that want to grow fast and sustainably and knows the easiest way to grow sales is through repeat and referral business. However there are new challenges many business owners are not aware of that can negatively impact their success.

Learn how to manage & protect your online reputation.

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Online Marketing Expert Kevan Baker on Email Marketing Myth as Interviewed by Glen Rothquel

Online Marketing Expert Kevan Baker - Leads2Profits.net.auKevan Baker, Founder of BrandMail has been helping businesses succeed online for almost 20 years and believes many companies are undervaluing email marketing, because they either don’t do it or are not doing it correctly. The key to email marketing success is to know your target audience and to deliver an exchange of value – not just to try and sell.

Listen on how to dispel the email marketing myth

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Customers: Your Greatest Business Asset

Customers: Your Greatest Business Asset - leads2profits.net.au

Photo credit: acrossthefader.biz

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. A business can only stay in business with the right number of customers and at a steady rate. Customers could either be an individual, often involving a certain title such as patrons, patients or policyholder; or it could be another business, hence the term “business to customer” (B2C) and “business to business” (B2B) respectively. Either way your business must have systems in place to make sure you keep generating the right number of customers, keep them happy and retain them.

Customers, just like your other business assets such as furniture and fixtures, have a lifetime value as well. Sadly very few business owners are able to understand this that is why they fail in continuously satisfying their customers. In fact with a satisfied customer, business income can easily be projected. If you have a regular customer who buys from you 3 or 4 times in a year, multiply that to at least 5 years, the answer would likely be that customer’s potential sales for your business. And with a satisfied customer, you can expect him or her to refer your business to 5 more persons, and the cycle continuous.

How should you protect this important “asset” of your business? Here are a few ways:

  1. Design a system that will profile your customers. The profiling should answer questions like “what is the primary reason he buys the product?” or “how often does he need the product?”.
  2. Capture their names, address and contact information as well as their business or work connections. This will determine if they have the right network to refer your business to or establish whether a “customer get customer” referral program might work.
  3. Create a strong customer service and customer feedback system. If they complain about a product find or service, find out why and look for ways to resolve the problem.
  4. Have a regular product promotion in place. Don’t always assume that they will not try your competitor’s product. Regular promotions will keep your customers excited and may even have a tendency to overbuy than usual.
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