Authority Positioning

Founder of Leads 2 Profits and Best Selling Author of “Simple Ideas, Extraordinary Results”, Glen Rothquel has been seen in FOX, CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC, International Business Times, Money Show and many other local and international media.

Glen now spends his days helping business owners succeed by Positioning them as Experts and Authorities in their industry so they stand out in a crowd of “me too” competition.

He does this by writing articles about clients that get seen in major news media; helping them become “Best Seller” authors and by writing Press Releases which get the attention of media and build search engine benefits.
These days, it’s increasingly difficult to get the attention of your target market so prospects take notice. It takes more than a great marketing plan, social media strategy or optimized website to win the trust of potential clients. You need to be seen as the authority and expert in your field.

Even if you have a great marketing plan, are listed on the 1st page of Google and get good amount traffic to your website, it may not be enough in this consumer driven society. To convince people to do business with you, takes trust and credibility.

Positioning yourself as an Expert and Authority in today’s changing business environment will allow you to stand head and shoulders above others in your field and to no longer be compared with them.

If someone searches your name online and finds articles in news media where your share your expertise, it enables you to have authority in their eyes. People are more likely to do business with someone they perceive to be an authority in their field. People tend to believe the media.

It will make a massive difference to how others see you and will open many doors you would normally struggle to open. Today, people want to work with experts who deliver can the results they want.
To find out how you can position yourself as an Expert and Authority in your market, so prospects take notice, contact Glen now