Not Testing Your Marketing Strategies


One of the worst things you can do is to fall in love with your product, service or marketing plan. Because you spend so much time developing your ideal marketing plan your objectivity can often go right out the window.


Don’t get blinded by how well you “think” your marketing tactics will pay off.


Even with extensive research, nothing is certain. The real key is how the market responds to your efforts and offers. The marketing plan help you achieve results that you can measure.


Before you invest large amounts of time, money or effort in any marketing or sales promotion you should test the effectiveness of your campaign. That way if it doesn’t work the way you thought it would or should, you haven’t wasted unnecessary resources.


By monitoring results and by testing your marketing tactics you will be able to your sales promotion into a huge success, boost sales and increase business revenue.


Testing is never complete. You should always be testing something different to see if you can get better results. Testing is such an important part of every successful marketing effort to get customers and increase sales


This simple strategy will help you maximise your returns, minimise your costs in time, money and effort, and add significantly to your bottom line.


Don’t fall in love with your marketing plan so much that you can’t be objective.


And don’t spend too much time trying to analyse and figure out why a particular thing works and why another doesn’t. It doesn’t matter why. What matters is what. Put small test runs out into the market and let your customers tell you what works and what doesn’t. That’s how you will grow your business with marketing plan.