7th Dan Blackbelt Martial Expert Paul Mracek interviewed by Glen Rothquel

Glen Rothquel talks to 7th Dan Blackbelt Martial Expert Paul Mracek Business Consultant Paul Mracek has been absorbed in martial arts for over 20 years after introducing his sons to the craft to help with their education. He draws striking parallels between western performance models of success and eastern philosophy to give insights and solutions to challenges faced by people and business. For hundreds of years Martial Arts has been teaching an ancient tradition that creates balance and empowers each individual to achieve success in their business or personal lives and it this message Mracek advocates to the world.

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Wealth Expert Ron Malhotra as interviewed by Glen Rothquel

Ron-Malhotra-250-X-250Ron Malhotra became obsessed with learning about wealth creation after seeing his own parents struggle in their later years despite having relatively successful working careers. He went on to spend years devouring over 400 books on the subject of money and wealth, and going through formal education to learn about financial planning and wealth management.


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Glen Rothquel’s one-on-one interview with Finance Expert Robin Gersbeck

Robin-Gersbeck.3-jpg-245x300Robin Gersbeck, founder of Australia’s Number 1 Car Broker spent much of his working life in the back end of car sales dealerships where customers are up-sold to insurance, finance and a whole range of add on products to increase margins. You will likely have been through the process where you get offered fabric protection, rust protection, alarms, window tinting and any number of products you feel the car should have had in the first place! It seems the industry has changed little over the decades and these practices still prevail.


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Glen Rothquel talks to Big 4 Management Consultant Phil Khor

Phil KhorBig 4 Management Consultant Phil Khor Leaves The Corporate World To Establish Australia’s Leading Online Business Community Marketplace. Phil Khor, the founder of SavvySME made a brave decision to leave the corporate world and set up an online community to assist and support local business, by helping them to connect with other like- minded people who choose to come together to share and support each other.

Phil Khor says “Most small business owners tend to do everything themselves and it can often be a lonely struggle. When you have local challenges, you want local professionals with the kind of expertise you need. SavvySME provides a platform where business owners can find products, services and support to help their business. It’s also an incredibly powerful networking tool for business connections”.

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Glen Rothquel talks to Marketing Expert Angela Wright on Online Reputation Management

Internet-Marketing-Specialist-Reputation-Marketing-Angela-Wright-Leads2Profits.net.auAngela Wright MBE, Founder of Optimising Business, has been successfully building profitable companies across the world for many years. She works with businesses that want to grow fast and sustainably and knows the easiest way to grow sales is through repeat and referral business. However there are new challenges many business owners are not aware of that can negatively impact their success.

Learn how to manage & protect your online reputation.

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Online Marketing Expert Kevan Baker on Email Marketing Myth as Interviewed by Glen Rothquel

Online Marketing Expert Kevan Baker - Leads2Profits.net.auKevan Baker, Founder of BrandMail has been helping businesses succeed online for almost 20 years and believes many companies are undervaluing email marketing, because they either don’t do it or are not doing it correctly. The key to email marketing success is to know your target audience and to deliver an exchange of value – not just to try and sell.

Listen on how to dispel the email marketing myth

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Glen Rothquel interviews IT Expert Vikas Sood on Malware Attacks

Vikas Sood of Server Sentry - Leads2Profits.net.auGlen Rothquel interviews IT Expert Vikas Sood of Server Sentry. Sood reveals how to fortify your IT Network from malware attacks that can cripple a business. He set out to help companies protect themselves from hackers intent on stealing valuable data, and helps businesses manage, protect and simplify their IT network so they have total security and IT peace of mind.

Listen and learn how to protect your business.

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