Finding Your Own Uniqueness in Business

Finding Your Own Uniqueness in Business -

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Putting up a business today won’t be as hard as it was 10 years ago. From hiring up to marketing and advertising, everything can be done remotely. If you are wishing to save more without sacrificing the quality of work you need to do, you can definitely offer project-based job vacancies. Businesses, nowadays, has a lot to offer to both employer and employees.

Given the fact that putting up a business today is as easy as 1-2-3, the real problem is how to compete and be able to win your target audiences’ hearts. Aside from being noticed by people, it will also be a problem how to sustain the attention your business is getting.

In the sea of businesses, you should think of creative ways to get a lot of attention and eventually make your audience hooked to the products or services you are offering. You have to be unique and innovative in order to do that. But the question that needs to be answered is – HOW?

Here are some steps to help find your uniqueness.

  1. Know what you want. Being clear with what you want to do, what you want to achieve and who you want to cater will lead you to your uniqueness. Selecting the products or services you want to put up as a business, how long will it operate and who will be your target market will give you a great sketch on how you want your business to be. You should draw a picture of what do you want to do and where do you want to stand 5 years from today and you will see the difference.
  2. Value your customers. Let’s say your business is now open and is running very smoothly. But one customer complained of your services. What will you do? Well, the best thing to do is to listen to what your customer have to say, weigh the circumstances and make a decision that will definitely take the side of your customer without compromising your business. If you receive a complaint, it is right to acknowledge it by thanking your client for bringing this one up and if this gave your customer inconvenience, you can compensate the customer. Sometimes, customers are complaining just to test if you are really taking the time to listen to them.
  3. Think of gimmicks. You noticed that after setting up your business, another establishment is being put up a few blocks away from you. And what’s worse is that that store is offering the same products and services as you do. What should you do now? Well, we all know that businesses that are just newly opened offer perks and gimmicks that will draw attention. And after quite some time, they will slowly remove it to go back to regular programming. Why not make some gimmicks to your business that will stay for good? In this manner, you are not only drawing attention from your target market but you are also building good impressions and long- lasting relationships between you, the merchant, and your customers.

You see, each of us is unique in our own way. We just have to find that uniqueness and make use of it as powerful tool in making your business succeed.

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Generate More Sales from Existing Customers

Generate More Sales From Existing Customers

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Aside from increasing your customer base, you can generate more sales if you can get your existing customers to buy more from you. You can do this without necessarily spending more. You can see how this works in the following pointers.

Generate more sales with value

Using this technique, companies can increase profits by as much as 30% without necessarily increasing costs. Companies employ 3 methods for this: , and

1) Upsell

Up-selling is getting the customer to increase the size or value of whatever he is buying. A restaurant can entice a customer to buy bottomless iced tea at a higher price instead of the one glass order only, for example. Or a car dealer can get the customer to buy the higher priced variant of a vehicle model.

 2) Cross-sell

Cross-selling means offering a complimentary product(s) to go with the initial purchase. Going by the same example of the restaurant, the order taker can offer side dishes or desserts to go with the main meal. When the customer agrees, then the value of his order increases with little effort on the part of the restaurant personnel, but with exponentially beneficial results.

3) Bundling of products or services

Bundling or packaging products or services requires putting these together and offering it as a package, with a corresponding discount. This can entice a customer to buy not just the basic item that he came for, but enable him to try out your other products and services as well.  By doing so, he enjoys greater benefits and pays a lesser price than if he were to buy the products or services individually.

Each of these techniques generate more sales and add to the total value of the sale without incurring additional advertising, marketing or acquisition expense.

Offer a wider range of products and services

Providing a wider range of products and services instead of just one or two, enables your customers to increase their satisfaction with your company, and locks them in so they no longer have a need to go to other providers to have their requirements met. When clients avail of more than one product, you are able to generate more sales from that customer without the extra effort of finding a new one.

If for some reason, you cannot offer as wide a range to satisfy your customer needs, then you can tie up with another company offering complementary, not competing products.

Increase the Frequency of Repeat Business

To generate more sales from the same customers, have them keep coming back to avail of your products or service. You can motivate your customer to buy again by regularly updating your products or services, offering something new, or in general offering exceptional service. Businesses rarely make significant amounts of money on the first sale, but they have a greater opportunity to increase profits with the succeeding sales of each customer.

Keep track of your customers’ profiles and buying habits

Knowing your customers’ profile (such as age, status, with children or not for example) and what they have bought in the past, can tell you what products they are likely to buy again and generate more sales.

You can keep these customers informed of your latest promotions or incentives for products they have shown interest in, or products they are likely to buy for the first time from you, given their profile.  You can thus advise them should you have new products to offer, or entice them with a discount or a token to try out a bestseller item of your company.

Extend the lifetime of each customer

This works especially well if your company enters into a contract to supply products or services for a year or a specified period of time. Ensuring that the contract is renewed year after year generate more sales as you save on the customer acquisition cost starting on the 2nd year of doing business.

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Increase Your Customers for Your Business

Ways to Increase Your Customers for Your Business

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It is said that customers are the lifeblood of any business. This is so true, as no business will exist without the source of its revenue.  To increase your customers start with having prospects, converting them to happy and repeat customers. Being satisfied, these customers will endorse your business to people they know can avail of your product or service.

Increase your customers, build and maintain them following these simple ways

Get your prospects

Depending on the nature of business you are in, the source of prospects can be people you know, your neighbours, trade lists, customer directories, specific targeted lists. You can also generate lists by advertising, use of publicity, direct mail and telemarketing.

Convert your prospects into paying customers

To increase your customers, you will need to find out what specifically your customer needs and customize your product or service so that you can address their needs. As you get better in needs analysis and presentation, the number of your buying customers will increase given the same database of prospects.

Increase or preserve customer retention

Make sure your paying customers stay with you for the long-term. Generally, companies lose 19% of their customer base yearly.  For you to increase your retention ratio, customers must keep renewing the business with you year after year. For them to be compelled to do so, they must be convinced that your products or services continue to meet their needs. It costs less to keep a customer than find a new one (which costs 6-8 times more), so customer retention is key.

Ask for referrals to increase your customers

Your happy customers will be the ones to give you the most number and best quality referrals. Because they know exactly how your business works, and they would most likely know people or companies with the same needs as they have, they can refer you to people or companies most likely to buy. More importantly, these happy customers give you free and effective advertising as they relate how happy they are with your products and services.

Establish a referral system

To encourage your customers to give you names of possible and qualified prospects, you can announce and implement a reward system for every referral or batch of referrals made. Rewards can be your company’s products or services given for free, free tickets to a sports game, free hotel stays, restaurant gift certificates or whatever you think will engage your customers.

Get in touch with past customers

As time passes, you will have accumulated a list of customers who have stopped buying. Their reasons could be various– their needs have evolved, they tried out the services of a competitor and have not moved since, or there was some dissatisfaction in the past with your company that was not addressed.

Whatever these reasons are, you can also increase your customers by touching base with them to get them to try your services and products which by this time would have evolved and been upgraded. As such, you have a reason for them to give you another opportunity to service their needs.

As part of your campaign to increase your customers, find allied businesses, which do not compete with yours, who service customers with the profiles that you want. If you provide home insurance, for example, you can ally with a real estate company selling houses and condominiums so you can offer their customers insurance for their residence. You can work out an arrangement with them so they can be rewarded for their referrals or you can give them reciprocal business.

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The Secret to More Sales and More Profits for Businesses Finally Revealed!

Focus On Success

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I heard this once in a conference I attended, “If you ask a carpenter how to become a good carpenter, he’ll say “Study Carpentry”.

If you ask an architect how to become a good architect, she’ll say “Study Architecture”.

If you ask a real estate agent how to become like him, he’ll say “Study to become a licensed agent.”

But if you ask any of the above – how to increase sales— the correct answer is just one answer:  ”Study Marketing”.”

But then you might ask again; “Where can I start?” or “Do I need to study again? Or get a college course about marketing?”

There is a long way, and a short way.

The long way is to study marketing, read marketing books, attend different seminars, attend webinars, apply what you learn on your business and see what works and what doesn’t.

The short way is to get marketing help.

I understand that you want to have more profits, more prospects and more customers but something seems missing in your marketing plan that really frustrates you. The pain of spending using traditional marketing is already killing your business. You are willing to learn how to grow your business to increase sales, but don’t know where you can find the best marketing help. But where? Who? How?

There are people around the web who call themselves a “Marketing Guru” who promise to help you increase your sales, improve business and get more customers, but leave you disappointed.

I recommend you to check out Glen Rothquel, founder of Leads 2 Profits.

This great guy developed a step by step blueprint that you can follow if you are really serious to grow your business.

Why and how he did this?  Because he has vast experience as well as a proven system used by some of the top business owners around the world. The system has been applied to over 200 industries, so it WILL work for you, too!

Glen Rothquel and aims to increase your sales up to 100% in just 12 months! The positive feedback about him and his works is stunning. CEOs, business owners, consultants, and business coaches highly recommend him for his help on developing a systematic marketing plan that works!

Escape the frustration, and pain of not gaining what you ought to. Your passion, love and effort to grow your business deserve the profits, customers and sales that you desire.

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Why Some People Almost Always Earn More Sales (and why you still don’t!)

Photo by alexkalina | iStockphot

Photo by alexkalina | iStockphoto

You are a great coach, an awesome business owner, or a marvellous consultant. I can feel that your passion is over flowing to give the best service you can give. Yet I know that despite this genuine desire to help, finding people whom you want to help may be exasperating.

You have probably also spent thousands of dollars attending live events and seminars and online courses that produces little or no result for your business. It is frustrating not to get the desired prospect clients and you may end up giving up on the business.

I’ve heard the same story over and over, and of course, many spend sleepless nights figuring out what to do.

Some people waste their time re- inventing the wheel. Others dig the world-wide web for free marketing information.

The problem is the internet world also has scammers and information junkies that can pull you away from your business success dream.

Checking out the web, I found a great website that contains really great free information for those who wanting to bring their business to the next level.

Leads 2 Profits offers a Free Report: “Get More Leads, Make More Sales, Watch Your Business Take off!”  that you may love to check out.

They offer a one on one consultation that can surely help to increase your sales and income.

The information that they provide will systematically guide a business person like you to design and build an automated lead machine, and develop marketing systems that build trust and repeat customers.

They specialize in helping Advisors, Consultants, Business Owners and Service Professionals get More Leads, More Prospects, More Sales and More Revenue using Direct Response Marketing that Works. You can build your business value by increasing Topline Revenue through their help and mentoring.

Having the right mentor who has the helicopter view of every aspect of your business may be what’s missing!

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Marketing Strategy That Sells – Direct Response

Photo by Salvatore Vuono /

Photo by Salvatore Vuono

Direct-response advertising is most effective if you own a small to medium size business. This kind of advertisement solicits a direct and immediate action from you on helping your customers address their issues and concerns as business owners.

Most of the advertisement or promotion we see nowadays is focusing more on “image” and “branding” and less on the products or services being offered. Image building or branding might be necessary for big and multi-national organisations to keep them on top of their game. SMBs, unfortunately, doesn’t have the luxury of spending hard earned money on those kinds of advertising. More importantly, your customers are not concerned of you or your company’s image, your sales revenue, or whether you are on top of your game. Customers are more concerned about what value you can add into their business and how they can benefit from your products or services. Every cent of the promotions budget they spend must count.

That is achieved best by doing the “direct-response” advertising. This kind of advertising centers on the client or prospect, and demonstrates to them how to solve their difficulties with your products or services.

Direct-response advertising is intended to get your clients or prospects to become passionately immersed and to make a certain decision… such as, ask for more detail, submit an enquiry card or make a direct purchase.

Measuring the effectivity of your advertising can be difficult when doing the standard, institutional ads, such as knowing how many customers responded to the ads. Therefore, there is no way of determining the actual cost of the ad which is not good.

Direct-response advertising, on the other hand, compels a person to do a definite action, there is an automatic built-in process of measuring the result, and business owners can measure if is profitable to run that ad repeatedly, or if it needs to be improved or replaced to be more effective.

Direct-response ads can be incorporated with success into the marketing plans of virtually any business, and can take the form of mail order, telemarketing, magazines, newspapers, TV and radio.

All elements of a direct-response ad should be determined and tried independently so it can be known which combination performs best.

Here are three simple guidelines, though not conclusive, that can give you the most benefit from your direct-response ads:
• Make an attention-grabbing, emotionally-engaging, profit-oriented headline.
• Start small and try each element individually. You can increase you ad slowly as you find out which combinations are best.
• Give a reward for responders. Ensure the offer has a great perceived value to the customer. Consider freebies such as free tapes, special reports, introductory seminars, booklets, or free consultations.

Keep in mind that the reason you run an ad… any type of ad, is to arouse an instant and appropriate action from your clients or prospects. You want to get immediate feedback that will allow you to take action whether to continue the ad or to improve or replace the ads. In the end, you wanted to showcase your excellent products and services and increase sales and gain more profits from doing a marketing strategy of direct-response advertising.

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Marketing Strategy That Sells – Build Your Database


Do you have a database of your past, current and prospective customers? Are you recording, monitoring and analysing your customer database? Building a database and studying and reviewing your customers’ records and business relationship with you is one marketing strategy that is not well-utilised.

Do you know who your customers are? Do you have a record of what products or services they regularly purchase? When was their last purchase? What are the purchases they made?  What is the frequency of their purchase? Can you tell whether you’re dealing with a current or past customer? 

Answering the questions above can give you vital information that can boost your business to heights never dreamt of. 

Consider your prospective customers. Have you thought about developing a customer profile that captures your best customers? Know who to target and market your products or services and direct your marketing efforts that way. List them down and plan out a strategy on reaching out to them on a regular basis. 

Know your customers from the past, your current customer and your prospective customer in the future. By knowing exactly whom you have dealt with in the past, who you currently deal with, and who you would like to deal with in the future can dramatically change your business, your profits and your bottom line. 

If you’re not currently using a database to keep track of these and other information of your customers, it’s not too late to start building one. This database can be the gateway to your exponential profits! 

Targeting your marketing efforts to the right people can make or break your entire advertising or marketing campaign. And if you’re a small business, you can’t afford to have that happen too many times. It’ll drive you right out of business! 

Make sure to stay in touch with your past, current and prospective customers, this is one of the best marketing strategies you can do. Do some simple getting-in-touch acts such as:

  • Sending greeting cards on special occasions or holidays
  • Sending a note long time customers
  • Sending a questionnaire or survey
  • Inviting customers to launches and promos
  • Getting customer feedbacks and letting them know their opinion counts
  • Sending newsletters and updates

Do more than the usual to make your customers feel important. Make your current customers feel special, make your past customers feel missed, and make your prospective customers feel wanted.

Build your database and use it to improve customer relationship and increase your sales.

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Marketing Strategy That Sells – Testimonials

Marketing-strategy-that-sells-testimonialsTestimonials are one of the most under-utilised marketing strategies a business owner can have. Imagine yourself buying a product and you want to tell everyone how happy you are with that purchase. That is amazing free advertising for that product.

Testimonials can be used on any type of advertising or promotional media. Your website, your social media channels, television, radio, newspaper – all of these can make use of testimonials. 

Often, public personalities or celebrities are engaged to promote certain products. This is oftentimes not necessary when you know how to utilise your testimonials

Your own clients are one of the best sources of endorsement you could possibly want. They can be your best endorser, especially to the community or environment where they have a reputation. Neighbours in their city or town, colleagues in their companies or organisations, classmates in their colleges or universities, the list is endless

Here are 3 reasons people don’t buy. 

1. They don’t need your product or service.

2. They can’t afford your product or service.

3. They don’t trust you or your product or service. 

You cannot do much about number 1 & 2, but there is a lot you can do to wipe out a prospect’s distrust. Hearing someone they trust talk positively about your product or service can help remove the skepticism they have about you or your product or service.

People don’t want to part with their hard-earned money if they are unsure about the product or service. They would like to ‘hear’ about it from someone credible before they can even consider it.

Testimonials are easy to get. Some of the effective ways to get good testimonials are to send out questionnaires about your product or service to ask for review or feedback. The benefit of this is two-fold. You can get testimonials, at the same time use it for improvements for your product or service. The questions should be “open-ended” and ask your customers to write about their experience with your product or service; it should not just be a “yes” or “no” answers. 

You can also call your clients to discuss their experience with your product or service. With permission, you can record these conversations and transcribe to testimonials. Doing this exercise will also increase your credibility and build your relationship with your client.

Using testimonials is undisputedly one of the most effective ways to get more clients, remove skepticism, build trust and gain more inquiries on sales and promotions. For your marketing strategies, don’t leave out this very important and powerful tool!

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Marketing Strategy That Sells – Do What You Do Best

Marketing-strategy-that-sells-do-what-you-do-bestWalt Disney said, “Do what you do so well, that when others see you do it, they want to see you do it again, and will bring others to see you do it.” This was the strategy Disney used in marketing Disneyland and look where Disney has taken Disneyland. Disneyland is the world’s most popular theme park.

What is your business? Are you an expert in your line of business? Or if not, do you have someone that is an expert in your line of business?

Doing what you do best in your business means offering the best quality that you can offer, whether it’s a product or a service. You might wonder how doing your best in your business can be one of your best marketing strategies… here’s how it works: when people (or customers) experience the ‘best’ of what you have to offer, they will be satisfied enough to do the following:

  • Customers will come back for more. This is called customer retention or repeat customer. This is where you will build your business relationship to the next level to keep loyal customers.
  • Customers will not consider going to your competition. This is your captured market. There will be businesses out there like yours but these customers make a conscious decision to keep on going to you for your business.
  • Customers will talk about how satisfied they are with you. This is free advertising for you. Isn’t this great? Your customer will do the talking for you, about how excellent your product or service is.
  • Customers will endorse you to others who are also interested in your business. When asked about a product or service like your business, your customers will have you top of mind, and they will endorse or recommend you outright.
  • And it goes on and on… the cycle is endless…

Having said that, now take a hard look at your business and see how you are at doing… Here are a some questions you might want to ask yourself to see where you are:

  • Do I have the best quality product or service in what I offer?
  • Do I continuously look for opportunities to improve it?
  • Are my customers getting the best benefit from my products or services?
  • Am I communicating well to my customers? Do I understand their needs – Am I giving value-added service to my customers, beyond what I am already offering them?
  • Do my customers look to me for advice and trust my suggestions?
  • If I were not the owner, would I buy my products or services? Would I recommend it to friends & relatives?

If you pass this self-examination with flying colors, then you are on your way to exercising one of your best marketing strategies – doing what you do best.

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Strategies To Increase Sales

Are you taking massive action?

So many businesses have great ideas and plans, but you fail to take right action to grow your business. You’re waiting for thing to be right, before you do anything. That’s understandable.

Most businesses are tight for money and you want to make sure your advertising pieces are laid out just right, the message is clear, you’re getting the very best deal on advertising rates, and that the market conditions are favourable.


All those things are very important. But it’s critical you don’t get paralysed into not taking action because of them. Because of you want to Increase sales and increase profits, you have to take ACTION.


When Apple Computers was first getting started, they were known for the “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach to business. They got a product “Ready” (it wasn’t perfect), they “Fired” (got it out in the market), then “Aimed” (listened to customer feed-back, then made modifications) and got it back out there again.


That is so different from the way most businesses run their marketing campaigns. You get an ad, a sales promotion letter or campaign ready then sit back and analyse it for months. Then you may or may not even run it. What holds you up? Why don’t you take a chance? Why not get the ad “out there” and see what happens?


Maybe the ad or sales promotion will be successful and will result in more customers, and maybe it won’t. But you’ll never know unless you test it to see.


I’m not advocating spending money and blindly running ads and Increase sales just to see it they’ll work. You need to put thought into the market you want to target, the and the offer you will make. It takes careful and calculated consideration.


The market will tell you if your product is right or wrong and whether or not your prices are too high. And, they’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to make it sale able to them. Not only that, as a bonus, they’ll tell you exactly how much to charge for it.


You only need to ask the market.


When you run an ad or sales promotion, if a lot of people respond the it’s obviously worked. If the response was too great, it may mean your offer was too good, or your prices too low.


On the other hand, if you get no or very few responses, then something is wrong.

1. Either you’re marketing to the wrong target.

2. The message you’re sending is not clear.

3. The offer you made isn’t attractive enough for them to justify parting with their money. (ie: your prices are too high.)


If all you ever do is conceptualise the ad, design it, lay it out, and spend months on end analysing

it, you won’t learn a thing except that procrastination cost you a lot of unnecessary time and missed income. You missed great opportunity to get more prospects, Increase sales and increase revenue.


It would be so much better to get the ad out and find out if it works or if it needs improvement.. Let the market tell you what corrections you need.  Do it carefully… by testing.  When you find something that works, take massive action.


Roll it out and let it bring more customers so you increase profits and grow your business.

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