How to Attract Customers with your Exceptional Value -

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Each customer is a source of sustainable revenue and profits. Think of one customer that buys from you, then multiply that to the average number of transaction in a given year by the average cost per transaction. If you continue to improve on your product or service then you can safely estimate the life time value of business this customer can bring to the table.
Unfortunately, not all businesses hold on to their customers. Many customers will come in and “test” your business and may even give you a few chances to impress before moving on to a competitor if you have not delivered to their expectations. Business is good when customers keep coming back; when they stop, you need to spend more resources to win new customers and the cycle continues.
What makes for a sustainable business? The answer is exceptional value. This may make you think that exceptional value only refers to products that customers use or consume; however, exceptional value also refers to service satisfaction that results from their experience with you.
What attracts customers to exceptional product or service value?

  • The product or service helps solve a nagging problem
  • The use of the product or service saves them time
  • Product or service innovation that adapts with the changing market or customer needs
  • Demonstration of value for money or practical investment
  • Socially relevant business operations or product manufacturing process
  • Products or services that are actual “needs” of customers and not just “wants”

Businesses must realise that their product or service is not the sole determinant of customer loyalty. Customers require quality service and want to feel appreciated for giving you their hard earned money!