Ok, so you now understand ideas to increase sales and you should track the results of every sales promotion. Follow this simple system.




A. Date the ad or promotion ran or letters sent out


B. Promotion Name


C. Ad Code


D. Targeted Market


E. No. of Letters Sent


F. No. of Responses and Percent of Response Number Percentage


G. Number of Sales


H. Sale Value

Price per unit______ x no. of sales:_______


I. Less Cost of Fulfillment(Packaging, product, shipping, etc.)


J. Less Cost of Promotion or Ad

No. of letters: __________ x stamp/letter: ________ =

Printing of letters/unit: __________ =

Envelopes: __________ x no. of letters:__________ =

Stuffing envelopes (labour): __________ =

Grabber/unit: ________ x no. of letters: __________ =


K. Net Profit (Loss) on Promotion

(Total Sales less cost of promotion and cost of fulfilment)


L. Profit-Loss per $ spent on promotion

(Divide net profit-loss by cost of promotion)




Just because an ad didn’t make as big a profit or get as big a response as you would have liked, is not necessarily a reason to dump it. Sometimes all you need is a little tweaking or adjusting which can turn a mediocre ad into a real results-producer which will deliver ideas to increase sales and help you grow your business.


Going forwards, only use the ads and ideas to increase sales in the first binder. They’re already proven winners. By having a copy of the ad or promotion and the results it produced in a central place, will make developing your next sales promotion so much easier. No more guessing. No more wonder.


You’ll not only save time but if you can take a proven winner and make it a little better…the difference will be more customers and get ideas to increase sales so you grow your business.


Running the ad or ideas to increase sales costs the same whether it generates a two or three-percent response. However that extra one-percent is a 50 percent increase in response rate. And that one-percent may mean be enough to increase business.