No Customers No Business

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Regardless whether your business has the best product or service if there are no customers buying it then you still have no business to run; plain and simple. The only way new businesses can get off the ground is when they start building on customer base. Apart from new customers buying your products, the same can become your word-of-mouth marketers so that more and more customers flock in. But as many businesses are closing down left and right, getting new customers is always easier said than done.

Creativity does it

If building a successful business is just all about following an exact formula then there wouldn’t be any business suffering from lack of sales. The problem with most business owners is not keeping in mind the “changing needs” of their target market; and with that change in needs also comes a direct change in purchase behaviour. This means that what may have worked in the past for similar businesses may no longer work for today’s new breed of market. Too often new businesses follow what seems to work with the competitor in the hope of getting a slice of its market. The attempt may cause an impact only during a “market trial phase” but will not sustain it if the offer remains the same with no added or distinct value.

Go out-of-the-box

This also means going beyond your industry’s usual ideas of getting new customers. Take yourself as an example and observe how different and unrelated products vie for your attention. What makes you buy or not buy them? Is it uniqueness, colourful packaging, or value for money? Were you influenced by a good content or by a testimony of a satisfied user?

Take note of the varying marketing methods used by unrelated businesses and see what you can creatively apply in your own business. Remember that new way of doing things mean “standing out” from the crowd. This may just be exactly what your business needs.