The Process

“Prescription before Diagnoses is Malpractice”

We have no idea if we can help you, so we need to scratch the surface first, then dig a little deeper, ask questions and then, Prescribe solutions.


It all starts with a no obligation, FREE Initial 20 minute “Qualification” call so we can ask a few non threatening questions about your business, your goals and your challenges.

It is important we understand where you are, what you are doing, what’s working and what’ not. Also what your future plans or intentions are for the business. Do you want to sell it in 5 years, or just work less and make more money? Do you want to expand and open in more centers?

Importantly, it’s a time where we can assess whether you are the kind of business owner we want to work with.

Are you approachable and easy to get on with, or are you full of skepticism, critical and always laying blame?

Are you open minded and prepared to do things differently, or are you going to continually sit back and say “that won’t work in my business” and spoil all the good work we will do?

Are you excited about the possibilities and really want to transform your business and life and are prepared to take action, or are you going to expect a magic wand to be waved, do nothing and your business changed overnight?

Assuming the initial “Qualification” call goes well, we will ask you to provide some additional “Preliminary Information’ so we can do a more in depth assessment of your business and will arrange our “Initial Meeting” – usually face to face but possibly via a “webinar” or via Skype, depending on the tyranny of distance and your and our availability.

In the “Initial Meeting” we will report on our findings and share some of our ideas, establish baselines and work through the exciting possibilities for your business.

Then and only then will we discuss specifics of what we can do to help and how so you can make a fully informed decision whether what we have is for you and your business, or not.

It’s up to you.

If not, that is perfectly ok with us. You will have a handful of easy to implement ideas you could apply to make an immediate difference in your business; we will shake hands, wish you the best and be on our way.

25-100% or More sales in 100 days – Guaranteed!