Marketing Strategy That Sells – Testimonials

Marketing-strategy-that-sells-testimonialsTestimonials are one of the most under-utilised marketing strategies a business owner can have. Imagine yourself buying a product and you want to tell everyone how happy you are with that purchase. That is amazing free advertising for that product.

Testimonials can be used on any type of advertising or promotional media. Your website, your social media channels, television, radio, newspaper – all of these can make use of testimonials. 

Often, public personalities or celebrities are engaged to promote certain products. This is oftentimes not necessary when you know how to utilise your testimonials

Your own clients are one of the best sources of endorsement you could possibly want. They can be your best endorser, especially to the community or environment where they have a reputation. Neighbours in their city or town, colleagues in their companies or organisations, classmates in their colleges or universities, the list is endless

Here are 3 reasons people don’t buy. 

1. They don’t need your product or service.

2. They can’t afford your product or service.

3. They don’t trust you or your product or service. 

You cannot do much about number 1 & 2, but there is a lot you can do to wipe out a prospect’s distrust. Hearing someone they trust talk positively about your product or service can help remove the skepticism they have about you or your product or service.

People don’t want to part with their hard-earned money if they are unsure about the product or service. They would like to ‘hear’ about it from someone credible before they can even consider it.

Testimonials are easy to get. Some of the effective ways to get good testimonials are to send out questionnaires about your product or service to ask for review or feedback. The benefit of this is two-fold. You can get testimonials, at the same time use it for improvements for your product or service. The questions should be “open-ended” and ask your customers to write about their experience with your product or service; it should not just be a “yes” or “no” answers. 

You can also call your clients to discuss their experience with your product or service. With permission, you can record these conversations and transcribe to testimonials. Doing this exercise will also increase your credibility and build your relationship with your client.

Using testimonials is undisputedly one of the most effective ways to get more clients, remove skepticism, build trust and gain more inquiries on sales and promotions. For your marketing strategies, don’t leave out this very important and powerful tool!

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Grow Your Business

You Need More Than Low Prices To Remain Competitive In Today’s Changed New World Economy

CompetitionIt is no longer possible to maintain a competitive advantage for an extended period of time based only on the products or services you provide or the prices you charge.

These days, it’s easy and affordable for almost any businesses to take advantage of cutting-edge technology, low-priced skilled labour or outsourcing, and more efficient delivery or distribution systems so they can enter and compete in your marketplace.

This wasn’t the case not so many years ago and you could be much more confident of maintaining your hold on the market. These days you need a number of simple to implement marketing tools to grow your business.

Even if your grow your business can offer a unique product or service, or a lower price on similar products or services that are currently offered, it won’t be long until your competition finds a way to duplicate, or match your business’s performance. And that will quickly put an end to any competitive advantage you may have had. Sad, but true.

That means, if your business can’t depend on its products, services or prices for your competitive advantage and you want to survive and thrive you are going to have to perform exceptionally well in a number of critical areas in your business!. You will need to consider your grow your business as well as how your  will distinguish your business from all the competition, so your prospects choose you.  

Why You Need A Marketing Plan!

Marketing Plan“Nothing happens until something is sold”. To grow your business you need to increase sales which will lead to more profits.

Like it or not, selling is the process of getting goods and services into the hands of consumers in return for money. It’s what the world economy is built on.

To be able to sell something, it has to be produced and this means someone needs to be employed to produce it. For the buyer to have money, they need to have a ‘job’ that produces and sells something so money is created to provide their income.

Business Marketing plan is the process of bringing together potential customers or prospects and certain products or services so an agreement to transact can be reached.

Effective Marketing plan is critical to the success of any business. If your marketing is ineffective, potential buyers may never find out about the products or services you offer that they need or want which will probably mean a sale is never made.

There are alarming statistics around how long businesses stay in operation. Some say as many as 80% won’t be around after the first year and many more won’t survive beyond 5 years. Learn to promote your Marketing plan and you are well on the way to not being one of these failures.

Despite this, most people launch into their dream business with little or no planning, and with no real idea of what can happen to them because they don’t properly plan.  Even if many business owners consider the ‘normal’ planning issues, like a business plan, most never even consider how they will get their product or service to be noticed in the market place in a way that people will stop and take notice and actually want to buy. Very few people take the time to develop a business marketing plan that will help ensure their survival, which is a real shame.

To be successful in today’s changed new world economy; business needs to do many things right and probably differently to everyone else. You need to answer the question in every prospects mind:

“WHY should I do business with YOU, compared to all your competitors out there?”