Strategies To Increase Sales

Are you taking massive action?

So many businesses have great ideas and plans, but you fail to take right action to grow your business. You’re waiting for thing to be right, before you do anything. That’s understandable.

Most businesses are tight for money and you want to make sure your advertising pieces are laid out just right, the message is clear, you’re getting the very best deal on advertising rates, and that the market conditions are favourable.


All those things are very important. But it’s critical you don’t get paralysed into not taking action because of them. Because of you want to Increase sales and increase profits, you have to take ACTION.


When Apple Computers was first getting started, they were known for the “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach to business. They got a product “Ready” (it wasn’t perfect), they “Fired” (got it out in the market), then “Aimed” (listened to customer feed-back, then made modifications) and got it back out there again.


That is so different from the way most businesses run their marketing campaigns. You get an ad, a sales promotion letter or campaign ready then sit back and analyse it for months. Then you may or may not even run it. What holds you up? Why don’t you take a chance? Why not get the ad “out there” and see what happens?


Maybe the ad or sales promotion will be successful and will result in more customers, and maybe it won’t. But you’ll never know unless you test it to see.


I’m not advocating spending money and blindly running ads and Increase sales just to see it they’ll work. You need to put thought into the market you want to target, the and the offer you will make. It takes careful and calculated consideration.


The market will tell you if your product is right or wrong and whether or not your prices are too high. And, they’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to make it sale able to them. Not only that, as a bonus, they’ll tell you exactly how much to charge for it.


You only need to ask the market.


When you run an ad or sales promotion, if a lot of people respond the it’s obviously worked. If the response was too great, it may mean your offer was too good, or your prices too low.


On the other hand, if you get no or very few responses, then something is wrong.

1. Either you’re marketing to the wrong target.

2. The message you’re sending is not clear.

3. The offer you made isn’t attractive enough for them to justify parting with their money. (ie: your prices are too high.)


If all you ever do is conceptualise the ad, design it, lay it out, and spend months on end analysing

it, you won’t learn a thing except that procrastination cost you a lot of unnecessary time and missed income. You missed great opportunity to get more prospects, Increase sales and increase revenue.


It would be so much better to get the ad out and find out if it works or if it needs improvement.. Let the market tell you what corrections you need.  Do it carefully… by testing.  When you find something that works, take massive action.


Roll it out and let it bring more customers so you increase profits and grow your business.

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How To Improve Sales

Failure To Monitor Your Results


Results. That’s all that matter in business. Results.


Any promotion that’s worth putting your time, money and effort into, is worth measuring how well it performs. The only way you can know whether the promotion is worth running again or what you may need to do to change or tweak it to make it more effective  is by knowing the results the marketing effort produced. Did you get more prospects? Did they convert to more customers?


It’s astounding how many business owners don’t understand this simple concept.


You’ll let the local newspaper advertising salesperson sell you an ad and layout the ad, because they are “the experts” then let them run it with no way of knowing whether or not anyone called or a customer was obtained as a result of the ad. These “institutional” bran type agencies love you, because you have no idea whether the investment has worked, and they are in no way accountable, and they will keep selling you more and more, because “you have to advertise regularly” to be effective. Ha!


The ad has no accountability or measurability.  So next week or next month, they convince you to run it again and you continue to complain about how bad business is.


As a smart business person, you should never consider running an ad or executing a mailing campaign or promotion without having some type of response mechanism to measure the results. However, it happens every day. And millions of dollars are wasted because of it. If you want grow your business, you need to be smarter.


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your ads will create some kind of magical awareness of your product or service. Every one of your ads and mailings and sales promotions must have a definite, targeted purpose. And EVERY How To Improve Sales must be measured to see that it does achieve that purpose.


Here’s a simple 4-step system you can set up to measure the results of every advertising or marketing tactic you implement to promote your business:


1. Put together an “Advertising and Promotion Results Analysis”book. A simple 2 ring binder works well for this.

2. On the inside of the binder, insert a few clear plastic page protectors.

3. Print out a few copies of the “Advertising and Promotion Results Analysisform shown in Part 2 of Mistake #2, and insert one in each of the page protectors facing the back of the binder.


Every time you run an ad or Improve sales, put a copy of that ad or promotion in one of the page protectors facing the opposite direction of the Analysis form. If you do this every time you run an advertisement, or promote your business and you carefully analyse the results, you’ll quickly see which promotions are working, which ones need tweaking to improve, and which you should toss out ASAP.


As your binder grows, make three additional binders.


In one binder place all your “A” ads and sales letters – the ads that pulled the best.


In another binder, place the ads and letters that produced marginal results, or at least broke even; you could experiment with these in the future. And in the third binder, put all the “losers.” The ads and letters that absolutely bombed, which you want to stay away from in future.


This way when you are ready to do another Improve sales or want to boost sales you’ll know which ads or letters you can depend on to model the next promotion.

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Customer Retention

Failure To Let Your Prospects And Customers Know The Unique Benefits They Get From Doing Business With You And Not Your Competitors.


“Why should I do business with you, instead of all the other options I have?”is a question that goes through your prospect’s minds before they choose to do business with you, and through each of your customer’s minds before they return to buy from you again.


And, it’s a question you must take the time to formulate an answer to. Without an answer, you become like every other business who sells the same products or services. It doesn’t matter what is being offered, your prospects and customers can go almost anywhere and find the exact same (or very similar) products or services offered for the same price, or perhaps for even less money than what you charge.


Think about your own situation. Why do you do shop at the same stores or eat at the same restaurants over and over? It may not be one single thing that influences you, but rather a combination of several factors. It’s likely the businesses you continue to support give you something special. Something unique. Something you just can’t get anywhere else. It’s that uniqueness that keeps you coming back over and over again and which build customer loyalty and customer retention.


If you want people to do business with you rather than your competition Customer retention , it’s imperative you have something to offer that your competition doesn’t have. Preferably something your competition can’t offer that sets you and your products or services apart from everyone else in your type of business.


That’s what’s known as your Unique Competitive Advantage, or UCA often referred to as a “USP” (Unique Selling Proposition),


No matter what you choose to use as your unique factor, it’s one of the most critical, yet most often overlooked marketing tools in business today.


Without a clearly defined and unique factor that differentiates you or sets you apart from everyone else who offers the same (or similar) products or services with Customer retention, your business will be no different than any other your clients or prospects will encounter, and there will be no reason for them to do business with you rather than your competitors, other than price. And the last thing you want in business is to only exist because you have the lowest price.

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